Chinese Cleavers (and Celeriac-Potato Au Gratin) 2

This is my grandfather. I didn’t know him at this age, and yet, in a way I did. A bartender and manager at restaurants across NYC and Long Island, he was charming, playful, and rarely serious. He was constantly cracking corny jokes that would have my cousins and me in stitches, and some of my […]


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Eating Wildly Makes #Goodreads Choice Awards 2014 Semifinals!

I’m so happy to announce that Eating Wildly—which was named by Library Journal as one of the Best Books of 2014 (memoir)—is a semi-finalist in the Goodreads Choice Awards 2014! The Choice Awards are kind of like the American Idol for books, where every vote counts. (America, please vote for me!) I’m up against heavy-hitters […]

Eating Wildly, Goodreads Choice Awards 2014, and You

I couldn’t be happier about Eating Wildly being nominated for a #GoodreadsChoice Award 2014 (Food & Cookbook category)! The Choice Awards are chosen by readers like you, so that makes them extra-special—and sort of like the American Idol of Book Awards. (Please America, vote for my book!) If you enjoyed Eating Wildly, or just want […]

Wild Ramps Butter, Plus Recipe 2

I love onion-y ramps—whether paired with morel mushrooms, sautéed or grilled in pasta, or pickled—and one my favorite activities in the spring is to go foraging for them. On May 13th, the day of my book launch (Eating Wildly), I went into the woods with some dear forager friends and collected ramps from our favorite […]

Tips for Debut Authors 4

  A shorter version of this essay was sent out on a Binders email and appears on Bindersink. I’m writing from a coastal town in southeast England, where sea kale the size of Easter baskets proliferates along the rocky shoreline, and the stinging nettles and blackberries flourish along the hedges. The sea kale is protected here, so I leave […]

Eating Wildly for #NationalEatYourVegetablesDay 8

In celebration of #NationalEatYourVegetablesDay, this summer, I’m going to showcase some of the most sustainable wild vegetables that are available and growing all around us, most likely in your backyard, garden, or local park. Wild edibles are higher in phytonutrients—that’s antioxidants, and good, old-fashioned nutrients that are inherent to the flora—than most vegetables found in […]

The Birth of a Book, Enter Eating Wildly 2

Happy Publication Day! Last night was the first NYC event for Eating Wildly, and we had a full house at the Corner Bookstore on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. What an amazing night as friends and neighbors came to hear me give a brief reading from the book and a foraging slideshow presentation. I was all […]

The Writing Life: What Foraging Has Taught Me About Handling Reviews

Ah, reviews. I’m no expert on this by any means, but because I’ve worn so many hats through the years as a working writer and performing artist (slam poetry anyone?), where I’ve gotten rave as well as negative reviews, been both buoyed as well as taken to task by online readers, as well as toiled […]