In the Studio at WNYC’s “All Things Considered”

Ava in the WNYC Studio

New York, NY. I was thrilled to be in the studio again on WNYC’s “All Things Considered” with Amy Eddings discussing summer wineberries. The “Last Chance Foods” segment highlights all things fun and foodie, and you can find our conversation here.

I always bring Amy some wild food to sample, as her reactions are so great. Last time, we talked about ginkgoes. (Unfortunately, I gave her an over-peppered sauteed “nut” that caused a coughing fit. Won’t be doing that again).

I’ve seen wineberries from the Bronx to Staten Island, and often see them growing just outside commuter rail train stations. For more info on wineberries, check out my previous post.

If you’re picking from any of the city parks, be aware that there’s a new crack-down on foraging practices by the parks department. More on that later.

Summer jewel. (Photo by Ava Chin)

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