Celebrate National Hot Tea Month with a Wild Tea Brew


IMG_0232 IMG_1213 New York, NY—I’ve been a fan of tea and medicinal brews ever since I was a kid in Flushing, Queens. Growing up in a Chinese family, my favorite cha was the red tea po-nay or puerrh, which we drank with dim sum.

Since January is National Hot Tea Month, I thought I’d focus this month on wild brews from plants that grow throughout our area. This linden flower tea (pictured) is from the Tilia cordata tree which is planted across New York City and which blooms over the summer months. The flavor is sweet and aromatic, and doesn’t need any extra sweeteners.

Last year, I foraged for linden flowers from a particularly bodacious Central Park Tree, which we used in the traditional tea ceremony portion of our wedding. The guests loved it.


Linden Flower Tea Recipe (makes 1 cup serving)

1 teaspoon linden flowers

1 cup, boiling water

Place linden flowers in a cup or mug. Cover with boiling water. Allow to steep for ten minutes. Serve.

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