The Birth of a Book, Enter Eating Wildly 2

Eating Wildly at the Corner Bookstore

Eating Wildly at the Corner Bookstore

Happy Publication Day! Last night was the first NYC event for Eating Wildly, and we had a full house at the Corner Bookstore on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. What an amazing night as friends and neighbors came to hear me give a brief reading from the book and a foraging slideshow presentation.

I was all aglow from the high of sharing the book—and because I was simply honored to be on Huffington Post’s “9 Contemporary Authors You Should Be Reading” list and Food Tanks’ Summer Reading List.

Highlights for me included seeing

*this James Beard award-winning investigative food writer and her amazing book

*this powerhouse poet

*this author who’s encouraging us to face our fears

*this writer who has become a compassionate voice for single women

*this author with one of the best-memoir titles out there

*this legendary children’s book author

*this other legendary children’s book author

* this food book author who divides her time between Paris & NYC

*this city naturalist and his love for wildflowers

IMG_7711There was so much talent in the room that I felt completely overwhelmed by the love! Thanks to everyone who was there…

Upcoming NYC & CT Readings

We are now in that all-important 1st sales week, which is rather like the opening weekend for a film, ie, it’s Eating Wildly’s best chance of becoming a best-seller. If you cannot make it to a reading, would you please consider ordering Eating Wildly on AmazoniTunesIndieBound, or on your Kindle or Nook? Many thanks.


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2 thoughts on “The Birth of a Book, Enter Eating Wildly

  • Patty Chang Anker

    Congratulations Ava!!! You were radiant, and I was verklempt from reading your book, which is so beautifully written I can’t wait to read it again! Enjoy taking Eating Wildly out into the wider world. xo

  • Ava Chin Post author

    Thank you Patty! You have been such an inspiration and a huge help in so many ways—it really meant a lot to me that you were there. Mille mille grazie!