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So here we are, less than two weeks before the release of Eating Wildly, and I’m trying to take deep breaths while being a mother to an active toddler, a professor to my writing students, and giving birth to my book. It’s been a wild ride seeing Eating Wildly come to fruition, and these past few weeks have reminded me just how grateful and indebted I am to all of you and having such wonderful friends.

My Los Angeles trip was a kind of home-coming, as well as the first time I spent 4 nights away from my daughter. I was an Angeleno for four years while working on my PhD at the University of Southern California, and returning helped me reconnect to my alma mater as well as my pre-mommy, writer self. I gave the kind of lecture to the USC English Department grad students that I wished I had heard when I was there (“Things I Learned While Trying to Gain Tenure (That I’d Wished I’d Known When I Was a Grad Student”) and a wonderful reading with the talented Andrew Allport, whose latest poems floored me. Esteemed poets Carol Muske-Dukes and David St. John, who were so generous to us as a grad students, are still so supportive all these years later.


In between readings, the book party, and writing up stories for Simon & Schuster, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and LiveStrong about ramps and wild foods (and Skyping my family back in NY), I sat on my friend’s porch and admired her orange trees, so laden with fruit that it reminded me of all that I have to be thankful for:

*Eating Wildly shout-outs in Vogue (“Spring’s Best Food Books”) & Kirkus Reviews

*Q&A with Wall St. Journal conducted while waiting at Newark & LAX

*A starred review in Library Journal

It was so much fun to reconnect with old friends and finally meet writers and food scholars whose work I’ve long admired, including:

*superstar tv writer and long-time friend, whose work on Dawson’s Creek my students adore

*an author/journalist who married a prince

*LA’s most-esteemed book-booster and podcaster

*a culinary and beverage historian/author

*the director of this fab food institute

photo (10)

Plus, it was so great celebrating my birthday too! According to this candle, the book and I are about to turn one…

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4 thoughts on “#WeekendGratitude

  • Elin Stebbins Waldal

    Visiting from MLB, always love a gratitude piece, sounds as if you have lots to celebrate, how wonderful!
    Also just checked out your book. I am a sucker for a great cover and yours is gorgeous! The praise for your memoir is lovely, I look forward to learning more, in the mean time, enjoy the launch!

  • Ava Chin Post author

    Thank you, Elin. It’s been a long ride with this book (losing editors! a new baby! missing deadlines!), which makes the positive reviews even sweeter. My current editor and I fought hard for this cover, which proves that some things really are worth fighting for. I look forward to checking out your blog!