#WeekendGratitude 4

So here we are, less than two weeks before the release of Eating Wildly, and I’m trying to take deep breaths while being a mother to an active toddler, a professor to my writing students, and giving birth to my book. It’s been a wild ride seeing Eating Wildly come […]


#MyWritingProcess Blog Tour, A Day in the Life 2

I’m thrilled to be taking part in the #MyWritingProcess Blog Tour, where writers discuss their creative process. Last week, we had the amazing Patty Chang Anker (#SomeNerve) and today, here are my answers. Here’s a little peek into my world. What am I working on? Next month my food memoir […]

Some Nerve Author Patty Chang Anker on Her Creative Process #MyWritingProcess Blog Tour 2

I’m thrilled to be a part of the #MyWritingProcess Blog Tour, where writers reveal their creative writing process. We’re featuring Facing Forty Upside Down blogger Patty Chang Anker, whose book Some Nerve was called “downright inspiring” by Oprah.com. She blogs for PsychologyToday.com‘s Anxiety section, Babble.com’s Reinvention series, and her own award-winning Facing […]



Sprouting Scallions from Roots

New York, NY—Love scallions as much as I do? I use them in everything from frittatas to Chinese medicinal soups, but I never knew that you could force the leaves to sprout again. While trolling Pinterest during the coldest hours of the polar vortex, I saw a post on regrowing spring […]

Brewing Stinging Nettles for National Hot Tea Month

New York, NY—I love a warm cup of verdant stinging nettles tea, especially on a cold winter’s day. The plant is difficult to find in NYC though, because it loves a really wet climate (hint: it’s usually found near water). I usually forage for stinging or common nettles in England, […]

Nutritious stinging nettles, just mind the stingers.


Celebrate National Hot Tea Month with a Wild Tea Brew

  New York, NY—I’ve been a fan of tea and medicinal brews ever since I was a kid in Flushing, Queens. Growing up in a Chinese family, my favorite cha was the red tea po-nay or puerrh, which we drank with dim sum. Since January is National Hot Tea Month, I […]

Garlic Mustard Meets Marsh Lamb 3

Romney Marsh, England. We arrived on the family homestead in England’s south-eastern coast a few weeks ago, and to shake off the jet-lag, took a walk in the nearby woods. There, by the train tracks, while my fiance and our baby waved to the steam train heading towards Dungeness, I […]

Garlic Mustard aka Sauce Alone

Photo by Ava Chin

Divine Morel Butter, Plus Wild Honey 2

New York, NY. After taking an hiatus to give birth to both a baby and a book, I’m happy to report that the baby is now a happy and healthy one-year-old toddler (!), and the book is in with my publisher (Simon & Schuster). I’ve basically written a memoir about […]

Chickweed, In Flower

Staten Island, NY. With the balmy temperatures we’ve been experiencing in the city this winter, perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised to find tenacious chickweed (Stellaria media) with its corn-like flavoring in flower so early this season. Last week, campus was filled with the tiny green ground cover and its […]

Early flowering chickweed

Marsh samphire with lamb and real baby carrots

Adventures in UK Foraging

Dungeness, England. I was very excited about our U.K. trip, not just because it was an opportunity to meet future family members and see where Owen grew up, but also for the myriad foraging opportunities. Seaside foraging? An opportunity to see where some of the weeds I love originated? Sign […]