In the Studio at WNYC’s “All Things Considered”

New York, NY. I was thrilled to be in the studio again on WNYC’s “All Things Considered” with Amy Eddings discussing summer wineberries. The “Last Chance Foods” segment highlights all things fun and foodie, and you can find our conversation here. I always bring Amy some wild food to sample, […]

Summer jewel. (Photo by Ava Chin)

Chin lecturing on wineberries

Summer Wineberries 2

Staten Island, NY. Love this summer fruit, which I just wrote about for the Urban Forager (“wineberries“). Tart, juicy, and thimble-shaped, wineberries taste like a blood orange infused with a shot of raspberry. Because the temps have been so ferocious this month, they seem to have peaked early, but if […]

Even More Wild Berries

Brooklyn, NY. It took me a while before I realized that this little juicy treasure, which I wrote about in the Urban Forager recently, was lining the roadsides and trails of my favorite park. As with many things in foraging, once you can positively identify a plant or a fruit, […]

Black raspberry, mature and ready for plucking. (Photo by Ava Chin)

Juneberries, ripe for the plucking

‘Tis the Season for Wild Berries

New York, NY. What does summer in the city mean? Aside from Shakespeare in the Park, fire hydrants mutilated into sprinklers, and a mad dash out of town on Friday afternoons, summer heat translates into the sweetness of summer berries. While everyone boards their Hampton Jitneys, I’m happy just kicking […]

Shivery March Means More Maple Sap 1

Staten Island, NY. I’ll admit it–while this week’s cold spell sent many complaining New Yorkers scrambling for their winter coats again, I was wildly, deliriously happy. Daytime temps dropping to the 40s with freezing evening temperatures can only mean good things for our city maple sugaring project (Urban Forager: Maple […]


A. bernardii blushes red when sliced

Lovely Like a Portobello 1

Staten Island, NY. I found this wild relative to the most cultivated mushroom in the world—the white button—last fall off an inner road on the college campus where I teach. It was the envy of several mushroom lovers that season. Turns out Agaricus bernardii is relatively rare in NYC. Dennis […]

Chinese New Year Recipes

New York, NY. Right in time for Chinese New Year, here’s a recent New Year Recipes article on WNYC’s Culture site, in which my fiery dan dan noodles recipe is profiled. I thought about adding foraged items to the mix (sauteed burdock root or ginkgo nuts) but this recipe already […]


Chickweed Still Thriving in Manhattan

New York, NY. Despite the black ice and mounds of unruly snow, spritely chickweed survives on the Upper East Side and throughout the city. The Stellaria media sample in the Times pic was a little bedraggled (I had to kick through the snow and ice to excavate it), so for […]

Edible Mushrooms

Brooklyn, NY. The latest Urban Forager on mushrooms you’re likely to find in NYC was supposed to be a round-up of a variety of mushrooms both edible and non-edible. But the story was running very long and before you know it, I was cutting all the non-edible ones out–like some […]


Snowy white goodness

Mushroom Season, Hello Giant Puffball 2

Brooklyn, NY. I found this little puffball (Calvatia gigantea) on campus yesterday, sitting next to a giant Agaricus, and soon discovered a new culinary way to appreciate it: in a Chinese stir-fry (think broccoli and tofu in garlic sauce, with the puffball substituting for the tofu). The sliced and diced […]