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Chin lecturing on wineberries

Lecturing on wineberries

On Urban Foraging


    • “Into the New York Wild.” Eating Well, March/April 2015.
    • “Summer Treasure Hunt.” 11 June 2014.
    • Ten Reasons Why You May Love Foraging for Wild May 2014.
    • Urban Forager NY Times City Room. From garlic mustard to summer wineberries to autumn mushrooms, see the diversity of edible flora and fungi that I profiled in my popular bimonthy blog for the NY Times. (Selected highlights below).
      • Garlic Mustard.” The New York Times. 25 April 2013. I was nosing around a friend’s backyard in Connecticut, looking forward to introducing my 1-year-old to the newest crop of springtime edibles.
      • Mulberries.” The New York Times. 9 June 2012. Recently, I was walking up Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side when I felt something squishy beneath my sandals.
      • Maitake Mushrooms.” The New York Times. 1 Oct 2011. The proliferation of steady rains from August onwards has yielded a stunning crop of mushrooms this fall, both edible and otherwise.
      • That Gasoline Smell? Time for Guacamole.” The New York Times. 11 Sept 2011. M:9. I was walking with a friend near Stuyvesant Town, on the East Side of Manhattan, when we spied a low-lying plant, about knee-high, growing just outside an apartment building. (City Room article 10 Sept 2011).
      • It’s Primetime for Black Raspberries.” The New York Times. 10 July 2011. M:9. Sweet, tart and thimble-shaped, black raspberries resemble the red supermarket variety, only they are smaller and give a greater punch to the palate. (City Room article 9 July 2011).
      • Ramp Season.” The New York Times. 14 May 2011. In recent weeks, while traversing the wet, wooded areas of friends’ backyards in Greenwich, Conn., and Westchester County, I discovered lush carpets of two-leaved plants under the dappled light of deciduous trees.
      • Maple Sugaring on Staten Island.” The New York Times. 13 Mar 2011. Some may think maple-syrup-making can only happen in Vermont or Canada. But if last year’s little experiment sugaring in Brooklyn proved anything, it was that fine maple syrup could be made in New York City as well.
      • “One Tasty City Mushroom.” The New York Times. 13 Nov 2010. Each fall brings up new unexpected surprises in the city for the amateur mycologist: hen-of-the-woods mushrooms growing under giant oak trees; a patch of honey mushrooms sprouting within throwing distance of unsuspecting joggers; giant puffballs sitting on Brooklyn hillsides. A few weeks ago I started discovering enoki mushrooms — first on tree stumps in upper Manhattan, then again on Staten Island.
      • Oh My God, That’s 30,000 Bees.” The New York Times. 31 May 2010. Recently, as I was walking across the southern end of my college campus, I encountered a giant, buzzing swarm of bees making drunken patterns in the air. Another professor, several yards ahead of me, stopped and asked, “What are they?”
    • “Making Your Own Maple Syrup.” Bust magazine. Feb/Mar 2011.
    • “Wood Sorrel.” ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature & the Environment (Oxford) Spring 2010. Creative nonfiction essay on family and foraging in NYC, and the discovery of a surprising find on a family grave.
    • Eternal Spring Saveur May 2011. Finding solace in foraging, after the death of a loved one.
    • Urban Forager NY Times The Local. This is where the Urban Forager started in March 2009—on the streets of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.
    • The Searchers Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood 9 August 2009. A late winter’s foraging walk reveals an unusual discovery.

Dryad saddleGeneral Interest

  • He Married My Doppelganger. Marie Claire. June 2015.
  • Plugged In. Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine. 6 February 2005. Feature story about Kairos, a youthful, non-denominational Christian church in East Hollywood that mixes popular culture and rock music to draw in a new millenial crowd.
  • “Tech Savvy: Technology as the New Fashion Statement” essay in ed. Ron Scapp and Brian Seitz Fashion Statements: On Style, Appearance, and Reality. Palgrave, December 2010.
  • “Change Your Career From Education.” Time Out New York. 6-12 Aug 2009. Feature story on transferring out of an educational career. Part of the “Career Changes” issue.
  • “Lessons My Grandmother Taught Me: Learning From a Great Depression Survivor.” Jade magazine. Mar/Apr 2009. On how the daughter of a Chinese banker survived the Great Depression in NYC’s Chinatown. A meditation on the value of money and family, including the first great act of American public relations, the “Rockefeller dime.”
  • Observation Point. A Gathering of the Tribes Magazine. 20 February 2009. The Griffith Park Observatory becomes a focal point during my years living in Los Angeles as a displaced New Yorker.
  • Can You Pig It? NY Post. 17February 2007. Coverage of Chinese New Year (year of the Pig) and cultural practices, plus events throughout the five boroughs.
  • “Mayoral Race: Let Me Hear Your Body Talk.” The Los Angeles Times. 5 Dec 2004.
  • “Word for Word: Five Years of Great Books.” Vibe. May 1998.
  • “Practicing prose: Lessons in the Delicate Act of Self-Disclosure.” The Village Voice. 14 April 1997.
  • “April Is the Cruelest Month.” Time Out New York. 3-10 Apr 1996.
  • “Storming the Palace.” A. Magazine. Winter 1994.
Photo by Robert Hughie

Photo by Robert Hughie


In addition to my journalistic work, I am the editor and a contributor of Split: Stories From a Generation Raised on Divorce (McGraw Hill, 2002), an anthology of essays by young American writers who grew up in divorced families. My essay, “The Missing,” details the difficulties of being raised by a single mother and meeting my father for the first time as an adult. 234 pages.

My fiction and poetry appear in Dick for a DayIt’s Only Rock N Roll, Listen Up! Spoken Word Poetry, The NuyorAsian Anthology, and the Asian Pacific American Journal. A sample of my short fiction, “Enter at Your Own” can be found in Double Room.


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  • Frank Hyman

    Just ordered your book through my local bookstore. Apparently it’s not enough for me to have foraging books from Sam Thayer, Leda Meredith, Doug Eliot and Euell Gibbons, so I’m getting yours too. Looking forward to it as I like a good essay as well. Congratulations on the award and all the good feedback. Frank Hyman

  • Ava Chin Post author

    Thanks, Frank, for ordering the book! It’s so nice to meet a fellow forager. I have a signed bookplate with your name on it, which I can pop in the mail to you. Thanks for being in touch!

  • Frank Hyman

    Thanks Ava, you can send the book plate to : Frank Hyman, 1412 N. Mangum St., Durham, NC 27701.

    Two other things: I’ll likely be in Manhattan for a week or so for the ASJA conference May 5-6, 2017 and would happily buy you lunch in exchange for shop talk about the writing life (have a contract for my first book about low-maintenance chicken coops of all things) or some low key foraging.

    Also, I’m promoting your book in my foraging column in Paleo magazine (75,000 circ.) in the Dec./Jan. issue.

    Cheers, Frank