wild mushrooms

Divine Morel Butter, Plus Wild Honey 2

New York, NY. After taking an hiatus to give birth to both a baby and a book, I’m happy to report that the baby is now a happy and healthy one-year-old toddler (!), and the book is in with my publisher (Simon & Schuster). I’ve basically written a memoir about […]

Photo by Ava Chin

A. bernardii blushes red when sliced

Lovely Like a Portobello 1

Staten Island, NY. I found this wild relative to the most cultivated mushroom in the world—the white button—last fall off an inner road on the college campus where I teach. It was the envy of several mushroom lovers that season. Turns out Agaricus bernardii is relatively rare in NYC. Dennis […]

Edible Mushrooms

Brooklyn, NY. The latest Urban Forager on mushrooms you’re likely to find in NYC was supposed to be a round-up of a variety of mushrooms both edible and non-edible. But the story was running very long and before you know it, I was cutting all the non-edible ones out–like some […]